Sunday, December 2, 2012


Froyo is absolutely my BIGGEST guilty pleasure. I absolutely CANNOT resist it. Ice cream with fewer calories -that's my justification. Fair enough don't you think?

Back in Jakarta, I was a huge regular at Sour Sally and Red Mango. Before coming here, I remember searching up all the potential froyo places to check out... So far, Sweetgreen's got to be my favorite. Followed by Yogorino and, for those occasional extra sweet indulgences, Kiwi!

Fro-yo from Sweetgreen and Yogorino

My favorite toppings for most yogurts are almonds and any sort of berries! The almonds' crunchiness adds another whole depth of texture to the creamy yogurt and the berries add a sweet-and-subtle sourness that complements that tartness of the yogurts!

I love Sweetgreen for the light, refreshing flavor of their froyo, or rather, "sweetflow" (which only comes in one flavor -original). They also have the best toppings, from agave nectar, to toasted coconut, to granola! I always get mine with strawberries, blackberries and sliced almonds (see the pictures above).

Yogorino also has great Italian-style frozen yogurts (as well as gelato). Fun fact: Did you know that yogorino means "baby yogurt"in Italian? In my opinion, the flavor is much more subtle and less tart than regular froyos, and the texture a bit more creamy and thick... It tasted a lot more whipped and frothy to me... I got mine with pistachio sauce, pomegranates and almonds. I loved the pomegranates with the yogurt -refreshing bursts of juice when you bite into them! They also have the cutest blue, biodegradable cups that perfectly match the very minimalist, white interiors of their stores.

Lastly, a campus staple: Kiwi! Whenever I'm craving a dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth, I head straight to Kiwi or Insomnia. Frankly, Kiwi's froyo is more resemblant of soft serve ice-creams rather than tart yogurts. I love how it comes in so many delicious flavors too, including seasonal ones like pumpkin spice and graham crackers, or candy canes and toasted marshmallows. They also have a variety of sweet toppings: Oreos, granola, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, fruits, mochi, cheesecake, brownies, sprinkles, Reese's, cookie dough, you name it. My favorite combo is the espresso, vanilla and dark chocolate froyo without any toppings. I love how the yogurt at Kiwi is self-serve too! Just gotta watch out not to get too carried away then...

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