Friday, November 30, 2012


Chobani - the king of greek yogurts!

I think saying that I'm a bit obsessed with greek yogurt is an understatement. I was at Yogorino in Center City today for my second visit, and I asked the server about whether or not they had greek yogurt (since some froyo joints like Pinkberry are starting to serve it up!). He told me that they didn't, but their froyo was made from an Italian style yogurt that resembled a slightly sweeter version of Chobani... In response to his question of whether or not I've ever tried Chobani, my friend jumped in with a laugh! "Tried"?! It's more like a remedy to the cravings I have on a few too many midnights... Just a cup of Chobani to satisfy my longing for something creamy and sweet -absolutely delicious. I love mine with a splash of water to thin it out a bit and add more volume so that it would last longer... My favorite is to get the strawberry flavor and topping it off with some rolled oats and sliced bananas. A perfect grab-and-go breakfast too!
New banana flavored Chobani

I was so glad to find out that Cho is coming out with two new flavors too! The first one was just announced not too long ago: BANANA! Yum... I wonder what the next one is going to be... Peanut butter? Coconut? Fig? Almond? Coffee? I don't know how I'll feel about thouI'm really looking forward to finding out... Please stock up the stores quickly!

Anyways, I can't wait to try out the banana flavor! I definitely do have a few favorites, as well as a few that I wouldn't really bother trying again... I've definitely tried every possible flavor on the market, so here's a list of the ones that top my list and the ones that don't...

Favorite Chobani flavors:

  1. Blueberry - Of all the fruity flavors, this has definitely got to be my favorite! Love the blueberries at the bottom of the cup!
  2. Strawberry - Perfect amount of sweetness that tastes pretty natural! Sometimes if I'm looking to cut my sugar, I only mix in half of the fruit and take out the rest.
  3. Plain - Simple, tart, classic... Works with any combination of toppings imaginable - PB and bananas!
  4. Vanilla - I love how the vanilla flavor itself (as well as a few subtle vanilla beans) is in the yogurt, rather than having a syrupy vanilla sauce at the bottom... Perfect hint of sweetness for the tart yogurt!
  5. Strawberry banana - For whenever I'm craving a slightly sweeter yogurt :)
  6. Mango - Reminds me of Dad!
  7. Passion fruit - Nice crunchy seeds and perfect amount of sweetness.
  8. Pineapple - Very refreshing and not as overwhelmingly can-like as I expected.
Not so favorite flavors:

  1. Lemon - Not a big fan of lemon flavored anything, except for green tea or water... This just didn't work for me.
  2. Black cherry - Not a fan of the chunky texture of the cherries, nor the flavor of the yogurt itself.
  3. Apple cinnamon - A bit too sweet and cinnamon-y... This flavor goes well in a pie, but not so much as in a yogurt...
  4. Blood orange - Found the flavor to be slightly washed out and the texture to be a bit too smooth and mushy, rather than pulpy.
  5. Pomegranate - This flavor wasn't too bad, but it wasn't exactly my favorite either.
  6. Honey - Couldn't really taste the honey, but I found that it actually amped up the tartness of the yogurt.

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