Sunday, April 21, 2013

Garces Trading Co - Philadelphia

Brunch with big, g-big, g-big's bf, g-big's bf's little and g-big's bf's g-little ;)

Oil & vinegar heaven...

They had an incredible selection of oils and vinegars, from fruity vinegars to garlicky oils... Some really unique ones included the chili honey balsamic vinegar (one whiff goes straight up your nose with its spicy aroma), peach white vinegar (which tasted like a bellini), maple balsamic vinegar (thick and sweet), black truffle olive oil (super fragrant) and herb olive oil (very earthy). We took a bunch back to our table to try out :)
Gorgeous gbig :)

"We're known for our cheeses and charcuterie" 

All the guys ordered their steak and eggs, and us girls decided to split three dishes. We first decided on the mushroom pizza (using dough made with duck fat). Garces Trading Co was famous for their duck fat fries and pizza dough (both of which were delicious). The pizza was topped with a variety of cheese too, which added an interesting depth... From the shredded parmesan on top, to hints of what I thought to be blue cheese. There was a light truffle oil fragrance that was perfect and not at all overwhelming. We also chose to get the fruity pain perdu as well, balancing out the salty dish with sweetness. The pain  perdu was browned and slightly crispy on the outside, but had the soft and spongy texture of bread pudding inside, which also had bits of cranberry scattered throughout it. The dollop of lemon mascarpone on the side complemented the sweetness with a tangy sourness, and the sprinkled pistachios added a crunchy texture. It was so tasty that the syrup wasn't even necessary, though a drizzle of it did add a lovely sweetness. We decided to get a salad for our last main dish to incorporate our greens into it all ;)

Funghi duck fat pizza with maitakes, royal trumpets, taleggio and black truffle

Cranberry pain perdu with lemon mascarpone and pistachio rum butter

Duck fat fries

Steak & eggs x3 for all the (very original) boys hahaha :D

Dessert was a small slice of the delectable almond joy -a rich chocolate tart in a shell made of grated coconut. The fall-apart coconut shell was very buttery and crunchy -my favorite part of the dessert! The chocolate ganache quite clearly had a gingery undertone. The thing that impressed me most about all the dishes here is that the undertones claimed for all the dishes (e.g. for the oils, vinegars, pizzas, desserts, etc.) were very distinct and creative. Before leaving, gbig also got big and I some macarons (one salted caramel and one hazelnut-nutella). They were delicious!

Almond joy - coconut tart shell with valrhona chocolate & ginger ganache and almonds

My favorite foodie!!! <3

Garces Trading Company
1111 Locust St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 574-1099


  1. "We're known for our cheeses and charcuterie" it's kinda our thing. LOLLLLLL

    1. HAHAHAHAA ^_^

      GBIG i'm dying to see your blog soonnnnnnn

  2. Just wanted to stop in and say hi- your blog is so cute and your brunch looks lovely (GTC is always amazing!). Thanks for reading our blog as well-- hope you found helpful info/inspiration for future meals! Oh- and love hearing from fellow Quakers :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I loveee your blog -there are so many places you posted about that I absolutely need to go to! :D