Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dessert Pt.1 at Yogorino

Medium frozen yogurt with chopped hazelnut + chocolate-hazelnut-nougat sauce

There's definitely something up with Roopa and I. I think our appetites are irrepressible, and our stomachs endless. After dessert at Beau Monde, we wanted to go try out some froyo places on our way back to campus. We decided to walk back so that we could stop by at random shops to pick up some things and run some errands.
The walk down for froyo

We couldn't decide between Yogorino and Igloo -so obviously, why not try both? We decided to go to Yogorino first, because it was right across of Anju threads, so we could go right after eyebrow threading. Roopa had never gone before, so I told her it was a classic that she had to try. She said she wasn't a huge fan of just plain, tart froyo, but the toppings and sauces got her hooked. We got one with chocolate-hazelnut-nougat sauce, which hardened instantly. I loved how they hardened up into chunks of toffee-like bits. Personally, I think that the frozen yogurt itself is a bit overrated. It was very creamy and almost had the consistency of vanilla soft serve. The taste was a bit bland, not sweet like Kiwi, but not tart like Pinkberry or Sweetgreen.

1205 Walnut St
(215) 238-2669

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