Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Grilled Cheese Day :)

I think that every sandwich tastes a million times better grilled. Growing up throughout middle and high school, my mom would prepare me a grilled peanut-butter banana on seven grain bread as a quick and easy breakfast that I would cheerfully approve, despite just rolling out of bed. I would easily trade being on time for school for an extra minute or two to make sure that the grill has adequately penetrated through every single bit of my sandwich to heat it every layer through. I'd be so upset over having insufficiently warm-and-mushy banana slices pressed between the thickly-peanut-butter-slathered bread slices ruin my morning. And from that, I've learned how much of a difference grilling can make ;)

Grilled cheese sandwiches can be as versatile as you can make them....
Milk bread with cheddar melt was a quick fix I'd make for my little brother, Michael, late at night when he would stumble over to my room unable to sleep... Toasted sliced baguette with oozing brie and a drizzle of honey was a simple appetizer I would prepare for my grandparents when they would come over for lunch... Mini sautéed onion and gruyere bites were a side to the homemade butternut squash soup for Malvin... And grilled whole grain with any slice of cheese and a smear of grainy mustard was one of my go-to after-school snacks... But without further ado, here are some links to celebrate the grilled cheese!

Happy national grilled cheese day!
Spinach & artichoke grilled cheese via Foodie Crush

1. Smoked honey roasted ham & fig grilled cheese via Foodie Crush
2. Truffled mushroom & prosciutto grilled cheese via Foodie Crush
3. Spinach pesto grilled cheese via Closet Cooking
4. French onion grilled cheese via A Bird In The Kitchen
5. Sun-dried tomato, olive & goat cheese palmier (Not exactly a grilled cheese, but still delicious) via Spoon Fork Bacon
6. One of my favorite youtube videos with five different grilled cheese combinations via Kin Community
7. Wedge & Fig: A cheese-bistro in Old City, Philadelphia, that's next on my list of restaurants to explore!

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