Sunday, February 24, 2013

Honeygrow - Philadelphia

Frankly, I'm obsessed with all things "healthy," salad and yogurt. Luckily for me, so was Roopa, minus the yogurt, and plus the custom stir-fry options that were offered at Honeygrow. After drooling over online food porn, planning a million food outings, and scouring Philly for all the hip and healthy salad/stir-fry bars we could try out in the future, we decided to celebrate the end of midterms with a quick dinner downtown at Honeygrow! With the green "Keep Calm, Grow On" flag waving outside the store-front, we knew we were at the right place for our long-awaited meal together! And despite the forceful wind that destroyed our umbrellas and messy rain that completely scrapped our plans to walk at least forty blocks there and back, we had the best time :)

Good things come in small, white take-out boxes :)

Egg white noodle stir-fry with beef, coriander, red onions, chili flakes, spinach and sesame garlic sauce
All mixed up


Greek yogurt, granola, fruits & clover honey -How could I go all the way to Honeygrow without getting a sweet treat from the honey bar?! 

loveeeee obsessing over healthy food with my girl, Roops! Next stop: Sweetgreen/Pure Fare, HipCityVeg/Freshii? Or maybe just a place for our guilty pleasures ;) A girl's gotta pamper her tastebuds!

110 S 16th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 279-7724

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