Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beau Monde - Philadelphia

Spinach, mushroom, swiss cheese crepe

It's finally the last day of classes -calling for a celebratory meal with my favorite! But what started out being a quick stop for a long awaited visit to this creperie before studying for finals turned out to be a full out day of nonstop eating from lunch to dinner. We started our gastronomical marathon at Beau Monde, a quirky little creperie with a distinctly French flair.

Naturally, Roopa and I both had been eyeing the same thing on the menu. We wanted savory crepes with a combination of any of the following ingredients: mushrooms, spinach, cheese, tomatoes, olives, etc. Rather than ordering two overly similar crepes, we decided to share one custom crepe between the two of us. We ordered the buckwheat crepe with swiss cheese, sautéed mushroom, and sautéed spinach (as you can see from the trio of toppings atop the crepe). The size was just perfect -not too much for you to be eating the same thing for, but not too little for you to still be needing more. Or was it? ;)

Dessert was also delicious. We were considering to get the banana, nutella crepe with hazelnut ice cream, but thought that it wouldn’t be worth going all the way there for something classic we could easily get at Houston. So we ended up getting the crepe with apples, toasted almonds, brown sugar, caramel and vanilla ice cream. The apples were sliced up, and the perfect level of cooked –they still had their shape, but were soft and warm throughout. The creamy vanilla ice cream and mound of whipped cream complemented the warm, cinnamony filling, and the toasted almond gave a nice crunch.
Sweet crepe with apples, toasted almonds, brown sugar, caramel and vanilla ice cream

Overall, we had a great meal. The service was very fast and the ambiance was super cozy. Definitely a recommended place for crepe lovers! (Who isn’t?!)
Cozy French-inspired interior

Beau Monde
624 S 6th St,
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 592-0656

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  1. Oooohhhh that crepe sounds divine! Love the melty cheese everywhere :) I'll have to stop there the next time I'm in Philadelphia!