Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tampopo - Philadelphia

I'm pretty much obsessed with my lineage! I love my beautiful and talented big and gbig too much! We wanted to celebrate all the amazing offers they got lined up for the upcoming summer, so we spontaneously decided to head over to Tampopo for dinner tonight! Super good food, as always... We all know our good food ;)

Heading down, they refused for me to take pictures of them! But we walked down as soon as G-big got back from downtown after shopping and Whole Foods -she would! Big went downtown earlier too, and brought us delectable cupcakes from Crumbs! She got me a brownie one and g-big a praline one -so sweet and thoughtful!

Walking down to Tampopo -they refused to stop for pictures!

Dolsot bibimbap

Big's bibimbap
G-big's Spicy soba salad
Family! <3
Crumbs cupcakes from Big!


G-big's pecan praline cupcake

269 S 44th St
(215) 386-3866

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