Thursday, April 4, 2013

Small Duffle

I'm currently obsessed with small-duffle, cross-body satchels. They make the perfect, understated companion for casual weekend outings. Sturdy enough to toss around, sizable enough to fit all the essentials, and strapped to allow for hands-free carrying... What's not to love?

1 Clare Vivier Escale Small Duffle/2 Mimic Design's Small Duffle

I love these alternatives to my ultimate dream bag! Clare Vivier's bags are always so minimalist and simple, making the most out of chic color and pattern combinations. I really like this version of her Escale Small Duffle Bag in a stylish, yet timeless, spotted leopard print. Unlike the other colors the bag comes in (e.g. red, black with red zipper, blue, etc.), this one comes in calf-hair, adding a touch of uniqueness. Of a similar shape and style is Mimic Design's Vivier-inspired duffle. The similarities are quite obvious, despite the sub-50% price-tag! The monochromatic design of this bag fits right into place with my wardrobe. Surprisingly, I found this on Etsy and discovered that the seller was from Indonesia as well. Maybe I'll wait until Summer Break to check out more of her designs back home before purchasing!

Saint Laurent Classic 6 Bag in Beige & Black Leather

And of course, the creme de la creme of duffle handbags. I have been drooling all over this bag ever since I first laid eyes on it. No other words could be said about it, except for the fact that it is absolute perfection.

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  1. you're too fab. you should do more fashion posts like this!!