Monday, May 13, 2013

Brownie Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Brownie Oreo Ice Cream Cake

This morning I finished putting together a brownie Oreo ice cream cake for Michael's birthday. Wanting to feature his favorite and requested ingredient, I chose to do Oreo again (last year I made him Oreo cupcakes).
It was super simple to make and I prepared most of it the night before -I didn't want to wake up way too early to get it done. I baked the brownie base layer the night before using Martha Stewart’s trusty double-chocolate brownie recipe and kept it out on the counter overnight ready for assembly. I also mixed together the Oreo ice cream (just two pints of vanilla ice cream and almost a full three packets of Oreos that I crushed in a ziploc bag) and popped it back into the freezer for the following morning. I also saved a handful of the crushed oreos so that I could use it to top the cake! I didn’t want to pile on and freeze the ice cream layer overnight because I was concerned that the brownies would harden and become rock solid the morning after.

Brownie batter

Oreo Ice Cream

Made enough brownie batter for two pans!

The following morning I got up extra early to assemble the cake… I took the Oreo ice cream mix out to soften up and (after my cup of coffee) I smothered it on top of the brownie layer and let it set in the freezer again for a bit longer than half an hour so that it would harden just a tad bit. Right before serving, I topped it off with the remaining crushed Oreos, lit up fifteen candles and wished Michael a happy fifteenth birthday. He's already fifteen now... How time flies!

Morning Nespresso to get me through assembling the cake at 5AM

The brownie base layer (with the chunk in the middle that I couldn't resist trying) ready for ice cream

Brownie layer = Done. Oreo ice cream layer = Done.

Top it off with some more crushed oreos

Michael's favorite

The birthday boy!


  1. i want to eat this immediately

  2. I will pay you to make this for me when we meet I LOVE oreos