Saturday, May 4, 2013

Early Birthday Brunch at Russet - Philadelphia

CAFFEINE for finals week

I was so bummed that I couldn't be here for my big's actual birthday, but big, gbig and I decided to have an early celebration over Saturday brunch today! We had a great meal, and the place was small and adorable. There were clusters of random trinkets on shelves and along the window sill, and the atmosphere was very russet-y indeed... We started off with orders of black coffee for each one of us -we wanted to pair it up with our scone. The wait for the scone was very much worth it, cause we got it toasty warm, fresh straight out of the oven. Scones + coffee = match made in heaven. They have different scones every week (their brunch menu changes weekly, as do their daily dinner menus), ranging from lemon-blueberry to cranberry, and today's one was blueberry with a side of butter and preserves.
Blueberry scone

We also ordered three entrees to share (as always). We tried out the sformato, choosing it over the omelette because we wanted to explore and try something different. In my opinion, the sformato, a souffle-like Italian dish, was comparable to the inside of a quiche -very custardy and creamy. The richness was complemented well by the sweet, aged balsamic that was drizzled on the plate. Next, we also ordered the salami panini with a sunny side egg on top -a dish highly recommended by our waiter. This was probably my favorite out of all the dishes, because I love anything with runny yolk. The bread was nicely buttered and grilled and sandwiched the restaurant's salty, house cured salami. The fresh bed of arugula and runny egg definitely offset the salty, dry meat. The last dish we got was the rhubarb crepe. The filling was very fruity, the crepe was topped with quite a bit of maple cream. The dish allowed for quite a smooth transition to our surprise dessert!
Green garlic sformato with puntarella stretta, radish and aged balsamic
House cured salami panini with sunny side up egg, asparagus and salsa verde

Rhubarb crepe with strawberries and maple cream

Gbig had called earlier to ask the restaurant to bring out a rhubarb tart for big at the end of our meal to surprise her for her early birthday. I loved the shell -which was very buttery and sweet- and the cream on top of the tart -which had a noticeably hint of sweet honey.
Always cutting into 3 ^_^

Rhubarb brown butter tart with almond florentine, honey cream, lavender syrup 

My gbig is so talented ahh... 
So gorgeoussss 
The birthday girl/princess !
SO lucky to have them :) Thank you for making my freshman year so amazing <3

1521 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 546-1521

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