Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Turkuaz - Jakarta

Char grilled prawn & beef, mixed bread & gavurdagi  salatasi

We started off with a few different wood-oven baked breads accompanied with various dips: babaganuc (a luscious mixture of char grilled aubergines, tomato, chili peppers with garlic and olive oil), gavurdagi salatasi (a fresh cucumber, tomato, walnut mixture tossed in pomegranate sauce), and, my favorite, zeytinyangli hummus (a creamy, garlicy hummus topped with pine nuts). We also had some ispankli penyirli borek, a bite-sized crispy triangle pastry filled with spinach and cheese.

For our mains, we ordered a variety of meat dishes to eat with our three different styles of rice: a buttery one sautéed with vermicelli a fragrant one cooked with pine nuts, spices, almonds and raisins; and a hearty village-style one of bourgul wheat with onions and spices. We ate this with char-grilled marinated king prawns and meat cubes, as well as some pan-grilled fillets of marinated fish topped with sliced almonds and paprika.

To finish off the flavorful and hearty meal, we had a creamy, chilled rice pudding and some baklava. The baklava was very sweet and nutty, with layers of filo pastry drizzled with honey on top of crushed pistachios.
Dessert: Rice pudding, baklava, turkish coffee & a turkish delight

Jalan Gunawarman No. 32,
Kebayoran baru, Jakarta